Friday 23 January 2004

not even my hairdresser knows for sure

So I went to get my hair cut yesterday at my usual place but this time, I had to see a different hairdresser as my favourite stylist lady was off sick. Either the woman I got had only just become a hairdresser, say, 20 minutes before I walked in, or she was just not very good. Although she did manage to cut my hair reasonably well, it took much coaching from me ("Can you take a bit more off the bottom? Yes, I'm sure. No really, I'm sure. It'll grow back; it always does.") and her styling technique leaves a bit to be desired. Please don't dry my hair so that it's straighter than it already is and plaster it to my skull with various styling products so that my head look like a giant bowling ball, thanks. Now, call me naive but shouldn't most hairdressers know how to style hair for things like weddings and parties? I thought so, but when I asked if she had any suggestions for how I could wear my hair up for festive occasions (I usually just pull it back into a ponytail because I have no other ideas), she said "Ohhhh no, sorry. That's not really my specialty. You'll have to ask someone else."

*blink blink*

To sum it up, 5 minutes with a Flowbee might have been a better alternative.

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