Friday 30 January 2004

b is for...

I've noticed that most of my blog entries lately have contained complaints of some sort. I think this is giving the impression that a) my life is miserable b) I only blog when I have something to moan about and c) I'm turning into a cranky old lady. Apart from that day I sat on our porch with my shotgun telling the neighbourhood kids to "get offa mah land!!", life has been pretty grand, actually. Let's reflect on the month that was, shall we?

We had sushi in Cambridge at Teri-Aki. It was lovely, but the wasabi was for toddlers and the elderly (it tasted a lot like green playdoh that may have come into contact with a chili pepper at some point). Jack and Heather introduced us to the Waterside pub, which was a fantastic place to have a drink (you know you're getting old when the definition of a good pub is somewhere you can have a conversation, serves good wine, and isn't very smoky). I got to feed and burp and cuddle Gary and Ruth's beautiful baby girl for an entire afternoon and evening, and as an added bonus, she didn't barf on me. We had a splendid meal at our favourite Chinese restaurant (the Hotpot on Chesterton Road in Cambridge) with a new mix of friends. We had a snow day - or more accurately, a snow afternoon. We went home about 2 hours early on Wednesday and Paul played with Jasper in the snow. We're off to see Jack and Heather's new kitchen tomorrow night for their "kitchen warming" party.

We've made important and exciting plans this month, and hey woooo I've lost 5 lbs. to boot! So there we go. Who says that no news is good news?

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