Tuesday 13 January 2004

other people's lives

It's a strange thing, this blogging business. What compels people to read other people's blogs? Why are we interested in the (usually quite normal) lives of complete strangers? Is it part of being in the age of "reality television" and we've become a society of voyeurs? Have we been bombarded with so much of the sensational that we now find the mundane more intriguing? We know what the beautiful people are up to thanks to the paparazzi and we've seen enough of the fantasy lives of the airbrushed/cosmetically enhanced on our screens. Do we now crave the knowledge of what regular people do in their day-to-day lives? Maybe it's just the electronic equivalent to having a natter with Mrs. Jones over the back fence, who tells you all about family and friends you've never met, never will meet, but you're intrigued by her stories nonetheless.

I'm surprised that people who don't know me continue to read my blog. I understand that most visitors stumble across this site either by accident or curiosity (e.g. seeing my site link on someone else's site), but it amazes me when people keep coming back. I don't think I write about anything particularly interesting or intellectually stimulating, and this blog certainly won't win any awards. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. I love how people interact with each other and myself via the comments and I've come across some fantastic blogs along the way. It's just all a bit odd.

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