Sunday 17 June 2007

then again...

Apparently, my waters haven't broken. You read that right - haven't broken. Good news: this means not having to worry about the ticking clock of induction if I don't go into labour by Wednesday. Bad news: this pre-labour nonsense could carry on for days or weeks. Grand. (And please, seriously, don't share your horror pre-labour stories with me. I'm in greater need of encouragement.)

The baby has decided to rotate into a posterior position (back-to-back) which is not ideal for labour. She's been perfectly positioned for weeks now, but for some reason has decided to shift in the past 24 hours. Girls ain't nothin' but trouble. She still has room to move and I know all about optimal foetal positioning, so I'm not too concerned about that at the moment. It does explain why things aren't progressing, though. Her head isn't directly on my cervix (it's sort of off to one side), which is what helps encourage dilation.

So, what does this all mean? Things are gearing up and I could still go into labour very shortly or it might take longer. Laura thinks things will happen sooner rather than later as I am having so many signs of labour at the moment (including the fantastic "Not Sure if I Want To Cry or Throw Something" phase.) I'm very relieved to have the threat of induction removed. I'm not very happy at the prospect of no sleep and painful pre-labour contractions for days to come. Just have to wait and see.

For those of you curious as to how I could possibly think my waters were leaking, apparently I was having a "watery show" (unlike a "water show" like the variety you get in front of the Belaggio in Vegas, mine isn't accompanied by snappy music.) It can feel very much like waters leaking, and can only be chalked down to yet another one of those weird/gross aspects of late pregnancy. Who knew?

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