Friday 22 June 2007

day three

First, thank you all so much for the very kind and touching messages. The notes of support during my prelabour limbo and all the congratulatory messages afterwards have meant the world to me. We've been buried under a mountain of gifts for Mia, Jack, and lovely things for me (cheeeeeeeeeeesecake! Brie! Hotel Chocolat! Wooooooo!) We've all been spoiled rotten, not just by the kindness of friends and family, but by the moments we're enjoying with our gorgeous little girl. God, she's so tiny and beautiful.

I'm tired but I feel pretty much back to normal. The day of Mia's birth, I was so pumped full of adrenaline on a post-baby high that I felt a million dollars. The next day, things started aching in odd places - like my arms and my jaw. No, seriously; the bottom of my jaw felt bruised and I'm still not entirely sure why. It's either from clenching during contractions or from leaning on the edge of the pool - or from trying to bite the mouthpiece off of the Entinox. I think my arms hurt from bracing myself between doorframes and the pool during labour. Nothing that a little ibuprofen couldn't fix, though. Today, my back is still tender (who knew that the coccyx doesn't ever move during your lifetime except during birth?) but hopefully the osteopath will sort that out next week. Otherwise, I simply feel like me again (but with a huge flabby stomach and comedy boobs.) No heartburn, no evil thing on my bum, I can lie on my back, I can reach my toes, and most importantly, I can go about my normal life. There is just no describing how happy that makes me feel.

Jack adores his little sister, it's the sweetest thing I've ever seen. When he first met her, he had a huge grin and said "Baby come out of mummy's belly!" He kept giving her kisses and "tuggles", and kept wanting to hold her. The morning after she was born, he came into our room and said "Where's Mia?" He spotted her in the moses basket and stroked her head gently, saying "Hellooooo!" When she cries, he says "Oh dear! Shhhhh." and strokes her head. He doesn't like leaving her when he goes to nursery and constantly stops to look at her when he's at home. He even shared his racing cars with her, which says a lot. We suspect all of this will come to an abrupt halt as soon as she's old enough to make a grab for his toys.

Some pictures from today. Birth story coming soon.

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