Thursday 7 June 2007

a bit glowy now

Feeling much better this afternoon, partially due to sorting out Jack minding during labour/birth should we need it (thankyouthankyouthankyou) and partially due to a very relaxing day of doing nothing. My sister-in-law just dropped by for a quick visit, which also lifted my spirts...and Jasper's. He's so desperate for love and attention these days, I'm amazed he didn't cling to Gabi's bumper as she drove away.

I'm extremely hungry but the heartburn is still in full force. I truly don't understand how it's possible to feel nauseous and hungry at the same time, but that's me all over. I also don't understand why my stomach contents won't stay put when this baby's dropped. Whatever happened to that fantastic "lightening" I read so much about? Bah. Never had it with Jack, either. Books...they lie.

And I can sit right now. Sort of. It's a start.

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