Sunday 17 June 2007


Is feeling really, really fed up and pissed off a labour sign? Seriously, I'm so irritable right now I could just scream. Good thing I'm at home alone at the moment - Paul's taken Jack to a little friend's birthday party - so I can sit here and feel crabby without offending anyone. I've made a big dish of penne pasta (we ran out of macaroni) and cheese, baked in the oven and all ooey gooey. It's making me feel better, but I'm still a grump.

Beanie's been very quiet today, like she's taking the opportunity to rest. I managed to catch a couple of hours of sleep this afternoon, thanks (?) to a break in the contractions. I've had only a handful of them since mid-morning which tells me today is not going to be the big day. 90% of women go into labour within 24 hours of their waters breaking but oh no, not me. I've got to be different. 97% will labour within 48 hours, so here's hoping we see some action by tomorrow lunchtime. A Father's Day baby would have been cool, though.

Need more pasta. Feh.

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