Sunday 17 June 2007

still with child

I'm so, so tired. I had contractions every 10 minutes throughout the night, and I've only managed to steal a few minutes of sleep here and there. I can tell you that the TENS machine didn't do much for me except get on my nerves after a couple of hours. I think it's useful for distraction, but not too convinced about its effectiveness for pain relief.

We gave Paul his Father's Day presents this morning after a last minute amendment to his card. I had signed it from "Jack and " leaving a space for either Beanie or her real name, depending on whether or not she'd arrived. No prizes for guessing what the card ended up saying.

Laura is coming to see me at 5:00 and I'm hoping that either the contractions will have picked up again by then, or she'll tell me that I managed to dilate to 9cm and if I cough real hard, I'll have a baby by suppertime.

Humour me.

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