Saturday 16 June 2007

fetch my depends

This whole leaking thing is just irritating. Every time I cough, sneeze, or stand up, I leak. I'll be frequenting bingo halls and making doilies soon.

Just saw Laura the lovely midwife, and all is well. My blood pressure is fine, the baby is almost fully engaged (only 1/5 remaining above the pelvic bone now), she's still in a good position, and her heart beat was good and strong. Laura said that around 90% of women go into labour within 12-24 hours of waters breaking, so this show may get on the road at some point tonight or tomorrow. Got my pool/smoothie man on standby.

The contractions have started up again, and thanks to the Contraction Master (I kid you not - this thing tickles me to no end), I can keep track of them. They are still not getting more painful or lengthier, but that's not a bad thing. I want to get some risotto in me and get more sleep before pool time.

More updates as events warrant. Whee!

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