Saturday 16 June 2007

a little patience

Contractions started this morning at 3:30, every 10-15 minutes for around 15 seconds each time. They weren't at all like the period pains I had a couple of days ago; I felt immense pressure very low down on my bump combined with an intense band of pain. Actually, I can't even really define it as "pain" because it's not like the acute pain of injury. They were like nothing I've felt before ('cos like, I've never been in labour before) but manageable and exciting. They lasted until around 8:00 at which point I took a shower and they pretty much came to a halt. Alrighty then.

The midwife said it sounded like pre-labour and that things could kick off fairly quickly or contractions could stop and start over the next few days. It's a bit of a yay/boo situation, really. What's fantastic is that something is happening and I'm feeling it. What a great joy to know that my body is getting ready and I'm filled with the anticipation of things to come. Whether that's today, tomorrow, or next week, I don't really mind. It's simply wonderful to know it's begun.

In the meantime, I will try to rest as much as possible and eat well. For anyone curious about any tips to bring on labour, it was either having lunch with Caroline or that chicken tikka balti I ate last night*.

*(I'm kidding - fed up pregnant women should not follow Caroline around during lunch times expecting to go into labour.)

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