Thursday 14 June 2007

holding out until this evening

I've been having fairly regular period type pains since the very wee hours of this morning, so I suppose something's happening in there. The thing is, I have my last aromatherpay massage today at 5:30 and dammit, I WILL have that massage! I don't care if my waters go on the way there, I am getting a back rub today from my lovely massage lady at any cost. My lower back is killing me and it needs to be rubbed with smelly oils. I'm also planning on making pizza for supper tonight and I've been looking forward to it since I woke up, and I will eat that pizza even if I have to do it in the pool. So there. Hmph.

My midwife suggested that I have smoothies during labour because they are a very good source of quick energy and easily digested. I did a smoothie test run last night (I'm scared at how organised I've been lately) with bananas I put in the freezer, vanilla yoghurt, and milk to thin it out a bit. Oh, yum. It was like a banana shake. I've put little bags of strawberries and bananas in the freezer, and Paul has been put in charge of blended beverages. I'm also storing homemade chicken stock for labour (because you simply can't feel crappy when you're eating homemade chicken soup) and we've got a bottle of bubbly ready for the birth. I've also put in my request to Paul for a posh cooked breakfast like they give people on "Portland Babies". All I want is a runny egg and a big thing of brie, really.

Urgh. Still cramping and I've got to go to Sainsburys and the post office this morning. Maybe if my waters go in Sainsburys my shopping will be free? I'll chuck a bottle of Evian on the floor and see what they say. I shall keep you posted.

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