Wednesday 6 June 2007

no no no stay in there!

Still feeling super ultra mega caca this morning, mostly due to the godforsaken haematoma. The pain is relentless, making sleep (and pretty much everything else) impossible. I'm absolutely petrified of going into labour because the thought of pushing right now fills me with terror. I can barely walk or stand up from sitting, let alone put any amount of pressure down there to get a baby out. I'm hoping that labour won't happen for at least another week, which was the amount of time it took last time for the worst of the pain to pass.

In the meantime, my back is sore and I'm getting lots of lower bump cramps. I've had a few conversations with Beanie asking if she could possibly wait a little while longer before making a break for it. Hopefully she's not going through a rebellious stage at the moment.

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