Thursday 13 April 2006


Things that made me smile this week:
-Jack made a card for us at nursery. It's got a painted yellow chick on the front.
-The English language is very confusing. Jack uses both a toothbrush and a comb to brush his hair. He understands the word "brush" in terms of hair grooming only. This has led to much hilarity and toothpaste in my son's fluffy hair.
-The dramatic pointing: Jack toddles around like a lunatic and will stop suddenly and point. I think his thought process goes like this: "Run run run run run run run run run...wait! Look at that! [stand perfectly motionless and point with great enthusiasm] Done now. Run run run run run run run run..."
-Every time he goes into the kitchen, he inspects the washing machine to see if there's anything interesting happening inside.
-Jack says "hiya!" We're not sure if this is in a Miss Piggy karate kind of way, or if it's some form of greeting.
-Jack's discovery that the toilet roll is a great source of amusement.
-There's a picture of Jack at nursery of him standing with two of the "big kids". Apparently they were all outside playing and Jack wanted to be with the bigger boys. The picture shows two older kids (maybe 3 or 4 years old) standing against a fence looking like "What's this pipsqueak doing with us?", and Jack standing next to them with a huge grin.

And the look on Jack's face when I pick him up at the end of the day. No one, not even the dog, looks so happy to see me.

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