Wednesday 26 April 2006

my son is a rooster

Every morning, whether it's a weekday or the weekend, Jack wakes up at around 6:00 in the morning. As Dougal from "Father Ted" once said, "I've never seen a clock at 6 a.m. before!" I am not a morning person and no child that has my genes should be either. He used to wake up cheerfully, making happy little baby sounds that melted my heart. Now, he makes a *cough cough cough* spluttering noise that always precedes the screeching that doesn't end until someone releases him from the confines of his cot. It's a very effective alarm clock, I'll give it that. The trade-off is that we have a child who sleeps through the night, but we've got to get to bed early if we want a decent stretch of sleep. I think that I would opt for early mornings over interrupted nights, as memories of waking and feeding every two hours still linger in my mind.

In other "look what my genius son can do" news: Jack says "uh oh" whenever he drops something, nods his head when I ask if he's "all finished?" at the end of meals, points and says "dat?" when he wants to know what something is, enjoys dancing to the ER theme song and (sadly) the Sheila's Wheels advert, uses cutlery very well (but much prefers the mouth stuffing with both hands method), and is now drinking from a Big Boy Cup. Tommy Tippee do beakers with a lid and hole (sort of like the cups you get from fast food joints with a hole for a straw), which has been really great for teaching him how to drink from a cup. I often end up with a very wet child, but I'm sure he'll get the hang of it.

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