Friday 28 April 2006

and then there were two

My top tip for the novice vegetable gardener - read a book before you purchase your seedlings. That way, you can avoid varieties that only thrive in greenhouses in extreme humidity, within ten miles of the equator. Two out of four of my cucumber seedlings have flopped over with great dismay. I purchased a variety that need to be grown under glass in humid conditions, neither of which describes the shed in which they are currently housed. I am holding out hope for the remaining two and will keep them indoors until the summer. I am determined to make real dill pickles!

Remember when I longed for summer's return and Jim commented that I would only complain once it arrived? Although it's still spring, I would like to point out that the frackin' ants have returned and the neighbourhood birch trees are producing massive clouds of yellow pollen, covering our cars with an allergy-inducing layer of annoyance. And the rapeseed is back and I think I saw a mosquito the other day.

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