Tuesday 14 October 2003


One more for the "A Little Bit of Customer Service Training Would Be Nice" file: my gym. LA Fitness is a large chain, which should be staffed by professional and courteous exercise experts, but is instead staffed by the most apathetic people you will ever encounter. I just got off the phone with one of the many surly receptionists, and the conversation went something like this:

Me: "I'd like to book a spot in the body combat class tonight, please."

Surly girl: [pause] "You wanna speak to who?"

Me: [a bit louder] "I'd like to book a spot in the body combat class tonight."

Surly girl: "Which class?"


Surly girl: "It's fully booked. You wanna go on the waiting list?"

Me: "So how does that work?"

Surly girl: [confused pause] "Uh..."

Me: "Would I just show up before the class and see if there's a spot?"

Surly girl: "Yeah."

Me: "No thanks, that's okay. I'll try again next week."

Surly girl: "Okay."

Last night when I went to the gym, the receptionist very artfully ignored me whilst she discussed a broken fingernail with the woman in front of me. I'm not exaggerating. So why do I go there? Because I need a gym, it's close to my house, they have good equipment, and they had a deal on recently (no joining fee). On the plus side, at least the people who go there are normal squidgy people like me. You won't find women putting on makeup whilst strolling on the treadmill at 1mph, or muscleheads admiring their pecs in the mirror whilst they grunt loudly. It serves its purpose and they do have some nice perks - just try to avoid the receptionists.

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