Tuesday 14 October 2003

good stuff

So to counterbalance my last story, here's something nice (nicer for me than for you, but I'm sure you can appreciate it nonetheless): we're off on a short holiday next month to Wales. I've never been and it looks lovely. We're heading to St David's in Pembrokeshire, for a few days of stunning coastal walks and ooohing over fantastic scenery. We're taking Jasper with us, so we had to find a dog-friendly place to stay. I'm surprised by the number of places that allow pets (maybe this is less common in North America) and even more surprised that most searches on various accommodation sites include a "dogs allowed" checkbox. We're staying at the Twr y Felin hotel (don't ask me how to pronounce that), which looks quite nice and interesting. We are really looking forward to this break; I always get a little bit of cabin fever this time of year and need to get away from it all.

Another bit of good news: I've been promoted and got a nice raise to go with it (Paul also got a raise - it's appraisal time at our company this month). It's not just the money and the prestigious new title that make this a good job; I work with people who give positive feedback about my work and I have a manager who is supportive. After all the negative attitudes I encountered at my last job, I almost want to burst into tears (or song, depending on my mood) whenever I get a performance review here. It's nice. I think I'll stay for a good long while.

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