Friday 10 October 2003

the royal family must be smaller here

Speaking of king sized beds, did you know that a king sized mattress is much smaller here than in North America? You can get "super king" beds here that are 6 feet wide, which to me, is a regular king back home. I think you can buy "American" beds here, though. And that's my interesting UK fact of the day. No, thank YOU.

It's Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday, but we're having the big turkey dinner tomorrow. I am being culturally oppressed and have to work on Monday, so I have to rearrange the traditional "stuff yourself with way too much food and drink, then collapse on the sofa with your trousers undone" festivities to tomorrow instead. Oh the plight of an immigrant girl like me. We're having 8 friends and family over, plus 3 dogs. I have a feeling that it'll turn into an episode of the Brady Bunch (cue dog running away with an entire roast turkey in its mouth with wacky incidental music in the background).

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