Wednesday 1 October 2003

i knew that

I've been waiting two weeks for my mobile to be activated. I ported my number over to Vodafone, and was starting to get annoyed that my SIM card still wasn't activated. Every day, I checked my phone to see if the "inactive SIM" message was still displayed on my screen. I finally got fed up with waiting and rang the Carphone Warehouse to find out what was happening. I rang the department I spoke to when I first got the phone, and was told I needed to speak to someone in customer service. After waiting on hold for several minutes (and being forced to listen to "Connected" by Stereo MCs repeatedly), someone finally answered, listened to my tale of woe, said "Hold on a minute", and I was suddenly on hold again waiting in a queue to speak to yet another department. Getting my "fed up customer" hat on, I was mentally preparing the angry letter I was going to send to complain about the runaround I was getting. A few more minutes later, I got through to someone and explained that my phone still hadn't been activated. After a few clicks of the keyboard, she said "Is your mobile switched on?" "Yes." "Can you switch it off then on again, please?" Welcome to Vodafone, my mobile said. Alrighty then.

In my defense, I'm sure most people don't switch their mobiles off while they're waiting to be connected. I left mine on since I got it, expecting it to activate itself at some point. Anyway, I'm still in a huff because I'm sure I could hear this woman's eyes roll when I told her that my phone was working now. Perhaps I will forgo the angry letter, though.

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