Thursday 2 October 2003

thanks, i think

We received a letter today from the Spawn of Satan, or as some people call them, Marks and Spencer. They apologised for not keeping us informed about our order, but said that "all furniture orders are subject to availability and occasionally we do experience delays". That wasn't really our point. We were miffed because not only did no one bother to keep us informed, no one could tell us why our order was delayed or give us an accurate date for delivery. Saying "it'll be here in 7-10 working days" every time we phoned wasn't particularly helpful. There was also the fact that no one really seemed to care, or offered to come up with any sort of compromise when it was apparent that we had been given the runaround. The final straw was when we were told that we'd have to go all the way back to the shop where we placed the order in Milton Keynes to get our refund (which is over 40 miles away). So after all of this, we get a letter saying "sorry for not keeping you informed". Oh yes, and an offer to send us a �25 voucher - if we ring the customer service department and request it.

So ring them I did (why they couldn't just send the voucher with the letter is beyond me), and our voucher is in the post. It also didn't help that the letter was just addressed to Paul, even though I was the one who wrote (and signed) the letter of complaint and the original furniture order was in both our names. No, the letter and voucher certainly doesn't make either one of us feel terribly compelled to shop at Marks and Spencer again. Well, except to spend the voucher.

But not a penny more.

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