Thursday 9 October 2003

menage a trois

As I mentioned the other day, I bought a body pillow at Costco. It's a long, tubular pillow that you can wrap your arm and leg around whilst you sleep on your side. It's supposed to be better for your back, and for the very lonely, can provide something to snuggle up with on those cold winter nights.

So I've got this anatomically incorrect sleeping partner next to me, and it is indeed comfortable. There is one problem, however - there ain't room enough for the three of us. The pillow takes up quite a lot of space and it's been infringing on Paul's territory. It ends up on the floor halfway through the night, and sometimes ends up under the dog if he comes up to greet me in the morning. The only solution is to get a super king size bed so we can all fit happily. Or get rid of the pillow, but nobody wants that.

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