Friday 14 October 2005


So, what's new in the world of Jack? He is perfectly capable of sitting up, but it bores him. Why sit when you can roll, roll, roll your way to fun and excitement! He almost sat up from lying down and almost crawled today. He's so very close, and each day he figures out another element of crawling. It started out with getting up on all fours, then pushing himself with his feet (which resulted in launching himself face first into the floor - he wasn't amused), realising that one knee needs to go in front of the other and one hand needs to do the same, and today he very nearly choreographed all of his moves together. I am not in a rush to get to the crawling phase, mind you. I don't fancy chasing a fuzzy blur with spikey hair around the house all day long.

Jack sings and babbles so much more now. He's graduated from endless "mama dada buhbuh gaga" conversations to all sorts of noises that sound vaguely like baby dinosaurs. (Or Jodie Foster as "Nell".) I think he's starting to repeat sounds I make to him, but it's hard to tell if it's just coincidental. Sometimes when I speak to him, he stares intently at my lips and he moves his mouth silently as if he's mimicking me. There is an alarmingly disproportionate number of "dadas" to "mamas" in his current vocabulary - that's the thanks you get.

Jack tried cottage pie for the first time tonight and wolfed down a huge bowl of the stuff. I made the mash topping with both sweet potatoes and regular potatoes, and crammed several veggies into the meaty filling. How much is one serving of fruit or veg for a baby, anyway? They're supposed to get five servings a day, but what constitutes a serving?

6-9 month clothing is too small, but 9-12 month sizes are too big. 'Splain that one to me.

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