Thursday 13 October 2005

deep thoughts

I'm a busy gal, so I can only blog in point form. Busy, busy, busy! Okay - lazy.
  • Why does it rain every time the window cleaner comes?
  • Tesco sent me some vouchers today with a covering letter stating "We see that you enjoy organic food, so we have enclosed some vouchers for you!" That's great, but I find it a little creepy that a) they know what I buy and b) they are letting me know that they know what I buy. Coming soon, direct marketers calling you up and saying, "We were just going through your bin and we noticed a lot of empties. Could we interest you in signing up for our monthly wine club?"
  • Is there any company in the world that can send an installation or repair person during a specific time slot? And by "specific", I don't mean "anytime between now and July 2007".
  • My new diet plan: "Eat a Slice of Pumpkin Pie a Day, and Still Lose Weight!" I'm not sure about the logistics of this, but it's worked for me this week.
  • I've got quinoa, but I don't know what to do with it. I'm considering using it to refill our beancubes.
  • To the man who parked in the parent/child spot at Tesco yesterday, driving a BMW with tinted windows: I'm sorry that your minute genitals give you the impression that the world owes you a favour, but that still doesn't give you the right to park like a twonk.
  • It amuses me that Blogger's spellcheck doesn't recognise the word "genitals".

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