Wednesday 12 October 2005

gobble gobble

Jack enjoyed his first Thanksgiving dinner on a very special plate:

Sadly, the plates didn't include Jack-Jack on them. Bah. He had a feast of turkey, mashed potatoes, peas, and broccoli (we thought stuffing and gravy might be a tad much for a wee person), with pumpkin pie for dessert.

The whole meal was a hit, and like a true (half) Canadian, he promptly fell asleep after stuffing himself with food. Mmmmmmm pie.

I was really pleased to discover that there is another swimming session in November; I assumed that this would be my last one before I return to work. I'm thrilled to know that I will have another six weeks of splishsplashing about with Jack. At the end of the month, we're attending an underwater photo shoot. You read that right - it's being organised by Merbabies (who run our swimming classes) and will be shot by Zena from Little Urchins. (Do check out the Little Urchins site because the photos are amazing.) We'll do a half hour session with five other babies, and they aim to take around 12 pictures of each baby and baby/mum/dad combo. I can't wait to see the pictures of our Aquaman!

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