Monday 17 October 2005

i'm like kate moss, but with boobs and without a drug habit

I'm very excited to reach two milestones today - I've lost 30 pounds and I now have exactly one more stone left to lose. Whee! Eating what I wanted during pregnancy was fun. Really, REALLY fun. I often reminisce about Green and Black's ice cream, fish and chips, Burger King, and family sized bars of chocolate. On the plus side, this is the first time I've lost weight without counting calories, measuring portions, or keeping a food journal of some sort. I *heart* the GI diet! It's common sense, really - cut out the sugar, switch to wholegrains, and don't eat insane amounts of food in one sitting. That's it, honest. It's also the first time I've lost weight every single week (we'll pretend that our weigh-in after Devon didn't happen, mmmkay?); I've lost at least 2 lbs. each week. Although so far Paul has lost more than me (typical male!), I'm thrilled to bits with my progress. My goal is to lose that last stone by the end of the year, and try not to put it all on again when we go home for Christmas. Heh.

Oh and despite losing 30 lbs., I still have these comedy pregnancy boobs. Do they ever go back to normal?! Bigger boobs was NOT what I needed.

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