Monday 3 October 2005

now there is one less pagan in the world

We went to Dylan's christening on Saturday, so we scrubbed ourselves up and headed for the church. I haven't been to a Catholic ceremony of any sort before (but I have been to mass once about a million years ago) and haven't been to a church service in at least a decade. Amazingly, I didn't burst into flames when I stepped into the church, nor did angels descend from the heavens pointing at me and shouting out "Heathen! Heathen! And sometimes she eats cottage cheese right out of the tub!" Of course with Big Jack there, a self-proclaimed atheist, if lightning was going to strike anyone it would probably be him. I knew I was safe as I am merely agnostic.

The ceremony was very nice and the priest was hilarious. He asked us to join hands adding, "I know that you're all British and this isn't what you normally do" (he was Spanish). When Dylan cried a wee bit after the baptism, the priest said "He must be part Protestant" and after the ceremony he proclaimed, "Now there is one less pagan in the world!" I thought funny priests only happened on Father Ted, so there you go.

Why does the Protestant version of the Lord's Prayer go on longer than the Catholic version, anyway?

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