Thursday 20 October 2005

all over the place

I've got many things to say, but none of them are interesting enough to fill up an entire post. Point form it is, then.
  • Interesting British cultural difference #237: they got the Roadrunner cartoon here, but not the theme song. I sang it to Paul in the car on the way home from Devon, but I couldn't remember a few of the words. For example, "Roadrunner, roadrunner never bothers something something is his idea of having fun". This is probably why people don't go on a lot of long road trips with their spouses.
  • As I turned off a roundabout today, I saw one of those three-wheeled Robin Reliant cars (North Americans will recognise these from "Mr. Bean") on fire. It was blazing away at the side of the road whilst an elderly couple stood calmly on the grass a few feet away. I assume someone called for roadside assistance of some sort, and a dustbin and brush for the car.
  • Spotted in Swavesey today, a sign warning "Beware of the ducks". Man, that's one tough neighbourhood.
  • While flipping through the channels the other morning, I caught Delia saying, "And now I want to talk to you about making toast." If you don't know how to make toast, you probably shouldn't be in the kitchen or in any area containing heated appliances and pointy cutlery.

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