Saturday 2 October 2004

speedy gonzales

Just a very quick update from sunny La Jolla:

-I have a cold, dammit.

-did lots and lots and lots and lots of shopping. Lots.

-have eaten way too much food, but haven't been to IHOP for breakfast yet.

-have purchased way too much junk food to bring back home with us (Melanie, we found Peanut Butter M&Ms for you!).

-and last but certainly not's a boy! The scan was amazing (we can bore you with the DVD/photos when we get back) and we learned that we are going to have a little boy in February. Whee!

Flying back to San Francisco tomorrow and starting our tour of Jenner/Russian River/Napa Valley/SF. Might update again if we can but otherwise, we'll see you when we get back on the 12th. Adios amigos!

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