Wednesday 20 October 2004

i've got this burning, burning, yearning feelin' inside me

What a dilemma. I have been craving spicy food for months and I've got heartburn from hell. Where's the fairness in that? I've been chewing down a few Tums a day, propping myself up with pillows at night, and eating non-spicy food, but to no avail. I just read that chocolate can make heartburn worse, so I can't even console myself with a 2kg. bar of Toblerone. Feh.

In other unfair food-related tales of woe, while we were in California, I suddenly went off fish. Although we live on an island, we seem to get really rubbish seafood in this part of the country (I swear it's frozen and flown in from Halifax or something). Whenever we travel to coastal regions of the States, we make it our mission to fill ourselves up with fresh seafood. This last trip, we went to a seafood restaurant and I pains me to say this...chicken. I managed one seafood meal (a fantastic "Carolina Hot Pot"; tons of fresh seafood simmered in a ginger, garlic, and chili broth) but mostly ate burgers, chicken, and pasta. How exotic, I know.

I've had the strangest food aversions. Most of my friends have been sensible about it, for example, they went off slimy foods because they made their nausea worse. Perfectly understandable. Me, I go off things for no good reason. I'm not nauseous, I've not gone off anything particularly slimy, gooey, stinky, or otherwise icky, and it seems to change daily. My lovely, understanding husband leaves it up to me to decide what we eat each night, based on my preference du jour...and often times cooks it for me. I can't grocery shop without having a panic attack anymore because I cannot decide what I'll want to eat two days from now - or tonight, even. I long for the days when I had cravings; at least then I knew what I wanted to eat, even though it sometimes meant eating a variation of the same theme four times a week.

But I musn't complain. At least I've avoided morning sickness (so far, touch wood) and on the most part, I eat normally. Just don't ask me what we're going to buy tonight at Sainsbury's. Gah.

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