Wednesday 20 October 2004

i ate all the pie

Maybe not all of it, but there's not much left. On Sunday, I made a pumpkin pie and as of last night, there are two healthy (i.e. pregnant lady-sized) pieces left. I'm not ashamed and I'd do it again. I still have two tins of pumpkin pie filling left, so I'm going to try out PaulG's pumpkin cheesecake recipe soon. It's fruit combined with dairy; it's good for me.

Did anyone catch the new series of "Little Britain" last night? I think I hurt something laughing so much - that latex Bubbles suit is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. The first time I watched this show, I didn't really "get it". It's quirky bordering on the completely absurd and it took me a few episodes before the giggles began erupting. Although a lot of British comedy is in a similar vein (think "Fast Show" and "League of Gentlemen") as is Canadian comedy ("Kids in the Hall"), for some reason "Little Britain" had to grow on me. Now we have a new set of catchphrases: "Yeah but no but yeah but", "I want that one", "I'm the only gay in the village", "Dust. Anyone? Dust.", and so on. Sorry, I've undoubtedly lost all readers outside of the UK by this point. I'll get back to discussing pie.

So, pie. I made a lovely steak and Guinness stew with dumplings on Saturday which got me thinking about steak puddings and chicken pies. Wrap anything in pastry or stick a puff pastry lid on it and I'll eat it. Except maybe brussell sprouts - they're satan's mini cabbages. As the weather continues to be grey and wet, the comfort food cooking continues. Sausages and mash, roast chicken dinners complete with Yorkshire puds and roast potatoes, all types of pastas, starch starch and starch with a side of starch. Does anyone have a non-starchy comfort food?

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