Wednesday 13 October 2004


As I mentioned before, the scan was amazing. We got a full 15 minutes that was captured on DVD, which is truly unique. It's one thing to try and remember what the scan was like with the fuzzy thermal images you get from the hospital, but it's another to be able to see it in its entirety whenever we want. We also think Pip will find it rather cool to be able to see himself in utero when he's older.

He was incredibly active this time around (as opposed to the 12 week scan when he wasn't up to much that early in the morning - but the large Chai latte I had shortly before this scan may have helped) and we got to see him yawn, stretch, and use my womb as a trampoline. He was a bit modest at first and wouldn't uncross his legs so the nice scan lady could see his bits, but eventually she managed to get a peek. It might have had something to do with the fact that she was training two other women during my scan, so he may have been shy around 4 women at the time.

And now for some pictures!

Side profile (it looks like he's blowing bubbles, but that's the umbilical cord):

Facing the front:

Apparently, it's a boy - although we couldn't really tell:

A 3D image; we think we see a grin!:

The 3D images weren't that great, but we knew they would be blurry at this point. The baby is still a bit small at 19 weeks and doesn't have lot of fat on him. This means that they can't pick out a lot of details until the baby's around 30 weeks along, but it was still pretty cool.

We have our detailed scan tomorrow morning at the hospital, and I'm a bit nervous. Although he looked perfect in our San Diego scan, they're not qualified to look for any abnormalities and of course our untrained eyes are of no use either. He's definitely a lively little boy, and it's no wonder I've been feeling him move for several weeks now. The flutters have evolved into thumps and prods, which will undoubtedly become distinct kicks and feet hooking under my ribs in a few short weeks. I feel him every day now, mostly after meals or when I'm stressed during plane turbulence. I cannot wait for the kicks to become strong enough for Paul to see and feel.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow, and another scan pic to come afterwards. Wish us luck, please.

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