Friday 15 October 2004

he's riverdancing in there

I think I've got Pip's daily routine sussed out now. It seems to consist of the following activities, repeated hourly throughout the day and night: wiggle, kick, poke, jab, toss and turn, prod Mummy's bladder and cervix, squirm, shimmy, and shake. It's a bit strange because it feels like suddenly one day the vibrating/fluttering movements I felt for weeks turned into this. It still takes me by surprise somewhat, and I find myself saying "Oh!" out loud when I feel that first kick after long moments of stillness. On the other hand, it comforts me to no end to feel him wriggling around.

Oooh, feels like he's finally decided to take a nap now. I'm sure the dancing will start up again once this banana I just ate kicks in.

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