Saturday 16 October 2004

baby's first outfit

Although we didn't buy much in the States for Pip, we did buy him his very first jaunty outfit at OshKosh:

Now that we've had the big scan and all was well, let the rest of the shopping commence! Also, I wanted to mention my newest food oddity. Although I've not really had any strange cravings (I don't think pregnant women get cravings for pickles and ice cream outside of film and TV), I have noticed that some of my tastes have changed. I have been a huge fan of BLT's lately, which to most of you, may not seem odd at all. The reason why this is a tad strange is because I hate raw tomatoes - that is, I used to hate raw tomatoes until around three weeks ago. Now I'll eat them in BLT's. *shrug* I still want spicy food most days, but have been avoiding it due to a daily dose of heartburn. Mr. Tums is my new best friend.

Now if you'll excuse me, at least two hours have passed since lunch I think it's time to eat again. Hold the pickles.

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