Thursday 14 October 2004

happy and healthy

After a bit of a stressful journey to the hospital (traffic was a nightmare), we had our big scan this morning. Very pleased to say that all is well and little Pip is doing splendidly. He weighed in at an estimated 451 g. and measured 22 weeks (just under a week bigger), and all of his organs/face/skin/bones/extremities are normal. As the sonographer was measuring his femur, we could see that Pip is indeed a little boy (even though they won't tell us at this scan). He rolled around, waved his arms and legs at us, and gave us a few kicks. If the baby's activity inside the womb is any indication of what he'll be like on the outside, we'll definitely have our hands full.

My placenta is high and posterior, and I think this is why I've felt Pip moving around for quite a few weeks now. His latest trick is tapdancing on my bladder. He's so very talented.

Here he is, just slightly bigger than the last pics and facing the other way:

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