Thursday 7 August 2003

a thousand times no

I understand that telephone sales people are only doing their jobs (I did it once for two weeks and it was the worst job I've ever done), but please, I'm begging you all you telesales people, learn the fine art of knowing when to hang up the phone. Someone rang from Zenith, a notriously pushy windows installation (as in actual house windows, not the blue screen of death variety running on your PC) company. I explained that we are having our windows done on Monday by Yorkshire Windows - which we are. I actually didn't make that up. At this point, telesales person should have put down the phone. Instead, she asked if she could send someone around to measure up and give us a quote. Umm but we're having our windows done on Monday, I explained. Oh yes, she understood, but it wouldn't hurt to send someone over because it's always good to shop around. There's absolutely no point in sending someone over, I said. We're definitely not interested. Okay then. But could she send someone by? HANG. UP. THE. PHONE. You have not made a sale. Move along, nothing to sell here. I finally said, in no uncertain terms, that I did not wish to have anyone round measuring anything. I understood that she has a job to do, but really, there is no point. Best of luck and hope it all goes well, and thank you she said.

Now why do I get the feeling that someone will come by at some point anyway?

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