Monday 11 August 2003

hot dogs and bbqs

We went to visit our puppy's Mum and Dad this weekend, at a farm about 5 miles from our house. It seems a bit silly that our pup was born just down the road, went all the way up to Leeds, and now has to come all the way back here this weekend. The woman in Leeds who bought the litter intended to send them to her partner in the States so that they could be trained as bomb sniffer dogs, but the deal fell through. So now she needs to find homes for these pups, and we're going to take one of them. The breeder near us (who is a lovely lady called Vivianne), took the time to show us our pup's parents (you can get an idea of adult size and temperament of your puppy by looking at the parents) and very kindly showed us the rest of her dogs and a new litter of chocolate Lab pups. The pups were kept in an open air "room" on the farm, and Paul, his parents, and I found ourselves surrounded by little fluffy dogs. You know those kiddie play areas where they stick children in a room filled with multicoloured balls? It was like that but with puppies. I could have stayed there all week (and could have shoved a few puppies in my bag, but no one created a suitable diversion) and it made us even more eager to get our pup. Saturday feels like a long time from now.

Paul's Mum and Dad bought us a BBQ as a combination housewarming and birthday present (for Paul). I have never owned a BBQ myself (my parents always had one but I never had the garden space for one on my own), so this was pretty exciting. I feel like such an adult now - I have a mortgage, a Ford, and a gas BBQ.

In other outdoor news, we found these fantastic torches you can fill with citronella oil to keep the mozzies and other biting things away. Here we are, posing lovingly next to a torch.

By the way, is it hot enough for ya? I have never been so happy to be at work, only because it's air conditioned.

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