Monday 4 August 2003

pass it on

Paul's sofa was fairly old (over 10 years old, to be more precise) and we decided to get a new one when we moved. There wasn't really anything wrong with it apart from some slightly worn cushions (and the fact that it was purchased with an ex-girlfriend, but I digress), so it seemed a shame to send it to the dump. We thought about putting an ad for it in the local paper, maybe getting a couple of quid for it or giving it to whomever could come and get it. We then realised that some charities will come and pick up donated furniture, so I rang the local chapter of the Salvation Army to see if they were interested. Sure enough, they were happy to send a volunteer over with a pickup truck the next day. A young lad (who couldn't have been more than 20 at the very most) showed up with the truck owner, and I assumed that they were doing the Salvation Army a favour by picking up the sofa for them. Sitting in the truck were two women, one of whom thanked us profusely and another young girl who was on her mobile saying how the sofa was "really nice". We realised that these people weren't just Salvation Army volunteers, this sofa was going to the young couple who came along to help move it. The older woman said that it was a big help, and the truck driver smiled and said "We've all been there, haven't we?" Most definitely.

So with the departure of the old, the new sofas arrived this morning (try not to gag too much at the carpet - the wood floors are coming soon). We've been sitting on wood and canvas folding chairs in our living room for the past 4 weeks, and I cannot describe how much I'm looking forward to planting my tuckus on a nice comfy cushion. Mmmmmmmm.

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