Tuesday 26 August 2003

oh, so that was the long weekend, eh?

This weekend, we were mostly doing DIY and making sure that Jasper wasn't eating paint and/or Polyfilla (he didn't - hurrah). The lovely highlighter yellow ceiling in one of the spare rooms (the "rainbow room" as we like to call it) is now white with a hint of cornflower blue. Which means that it's a very light bluey white, to you and me. The living room and dining room have been partially painted a warm cream colour, and the difference is amazing already. We had the floor to ceiling brick fireplace covered in plasterboard, and it almost disappeared into the wall once it was painted. The evil artex has been scraped back and covered, and now sports a new coat of white paint. It's all coming together nicely...ah, but then there's the carpet. It's still there and will be there for at least the next couple of weeks. Frankly, I don't mind it being there until we're sure that Jasper's housebroken and it's sort of become a bit of a conversation piece. More DIY pictures coming soon.

Speaking of pics, there are new pictures of Jasper here.

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