Thursday 28 August 2003

as if the pic isn't usually bad enough

According to this story (and several others that were sent to me by friends around the globe), we aren't allowed to smile on our Canadian passports anymore, nor can we frown. I can only assume that it must have been a very slow and incredibly dull week in parliament, and someone decided to pass a law just for kicks. What constitutes a "neutral expression", anyway? What if I don't smile but I hold up my hands in a "eh, what can ya do?" kind of way? Can I wear a shirt with an amusing slogan like "Smile if you like our current government!"? Does this mean that we have to look totally deadpan whenever someone inspects our passports so that they can match our faces to our photos? Will the world think that we're a nation of sour-faced old cranks?

I am so looking forward to renewing my passport next May. No really, I'm smiling on the inside.

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