Tuesday 22 July 2003

what's mine is...erm...

So I went back to my rented house to pack a few things. My grand idea is to move things over gradually by car, thus saving me several pence in moving expenses. The problem with living in a fully furnished flat is trying to remember what's mine and what belongs to the house. Most stuff is easy: the sofa, beds, kitchen table, stuffed squirrel and parrot, and fridge belong to the house. Then there's the complex stuff: cutlery (I think half the teaspoons are mine), other kitchen gadgets (is that my corkscrew?), glasses (I know the Cambridge beer fest ones are mine), and sundries like light bulbs, tape, and batteries (I left half of each just in case).

I do need to be careful about what I take and what I leave. The evil property agents who rent the house to me created a ridiculously detailed inventory list before I moved in. For example, there are sentences in it that say things like "Kitchen cupboard, far left, upper shelf: one saucepan, one metal grater, one pudding bowl, and one collander". If I don't put things back exactly where they were (according to this list), I get charged a fee. Apparently it'll cost them �75 in labour to get a pudding bowl to the correct shelf. It's like living in a very carefully labelled archeological dig, and if anything gets disturbed, it'll disrupt the space-time continuum. Or something like that.

In completely unrelated news, does anyone else find it ironic that the new Google toolbar pop-up blocker pops up a message to tell you that a pop-up has been blocked?

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