Monday 14 July 2003

it's not that bad, really

We recently started a collection of blogs here at work (sorry, they're not on public servers), with the intent of providing an informal forum for people from various departments to interact and share news/views/issues. It's interesting to see people's reactions to the concept of blogging. A few people have put a disclaimer of sorts in their first entries stating that they don't normally do this sort of thing because there's something inherently nerdy about blogging. Bloggers have too much spare time and an unhealthy desire to share the intimate details of their lives with the rest of the online world. Do we? Well yeah, probably on the most part. But not all of us.

I think there is such a diversity in blogging style and content that you can't simply lump everyone into one category of exhibitionists with a lot of time on their hands. Quite a few blogs I've come across are indeed fairly self indulgent (I am not excluding myself), but there are some real gems of excellent writing out there. Some blog writing about everyday things can be as entertaining as articles by Dave Barry or Dan Savage. Some blogs provide better (more detailed, thoughtful, and thought-provoking) news coverage than most major broadcasting corporation's news sites. In fact, some news is broken on blogs before the big whigs get wind of it.

Yes, there are a lot of blogs that consist of nothing but entries like "I bought a new skirt today", "here are 500 pictures of my cat", and "here's a list of songs that make me cry". There are sites out there that ramble on about DIY, puppies, and babies for goodness sake. With pictures! We blog for various reasons, we write about a million different things, which are read by a million different types of people. A blog can be about anything; not necessarily the minutia of boring people's lives in painful detail.

In other news, I took pictures of Paul's stripped wallpaper this weekend and more "during" shots should be available on here soon. Hey, I never said that my blog was a literary gem.

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