Monday 21 July 2003

all the news you need to know

News item 1: Dina and Steve are proud new parents of baby Ben who arrived last Friday. Congratulations! Whee!

News item 2: Jack is cycling from London to Cambridge to raise money for breast cancer research. He's cycling 50 miles in the middle of summer - if that ain't incentive to give him a coupla quid, I dunno what is. You can sponsor him here. He's a good bloke, trained alongside his lovely wife Heather for our Moonwalk last May (and endured a night of 30,000 boobies with Paul), and he's gonna be a daddy. Go donate! Go!

News item 3: Nothing else to report, really; it's just that two news items seemed a bit lacking. I feel obligated to put something of interest here. We went up to Warrington for the gorgeous Debbie's 30th birthday bash, which was really good fun. Russ hired a bouncy castle and hoooo boy, did we bounce! Here's a lesson for you - drunken adults and small children on a bouncy castle do NOT mix. Seriously, it was bad enough with tipsy adults with no sense of balance crashing into you, but some of them landed on a few kids (no one was hurt, surprisingly). The best part was when all the kids chanted "GET OFF" repeatedly to one drunken woman until she rolled off the castle.

News item 4: We have frogs! Paul and I peered into our pond last night and watched all the little frogs hopping around our pond. Or maybe they were toads. We're not quite sure, but it's still pretty darn cool to have all this wildlife in our own backyard.

News item 5: We live next door to Brian May! Okay, not that Brian May but that is his name.

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