Tuesday 8 July 2003


We are now officially homeowners! Some nice young men came and packed up Paul's stuff, moved it to our new house, and went on their merry way. This is definitely the way to move - we spent yesterday morning sitting in the sun eating breakfast, and watching them load furniture onto the truck. I was a bit nervous about seeing the house empty (some places look truly dire when there's no furniture hiding its sins) but we were both pleased with it after we did a thorough inspection. It needs a lot of redecorating ("before" pictures are currently on my camera); one of the movers actually cut his finger on the Artex sticking out of our stairway wall. Nasty stuff. Even with its cake frosting Artex, lack of furniture (most of it is in the garage while we redecorate), outdated bathroom suite (I've never seen a dark blue toilet and bath until now), and dado rails, it's wonderful. And it's ours.

By the way, does anyone want to rent my cottage? It's now listed on the slimeball weasel's property agent's web site here.

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