Thursday 24 July 2003

my little pony

I was going through my portfolio and was reading through a chapter I wrote when I worked at Discreet. I had completely forgotten about this:

My friend Gordon found this little equestrian gem in the garbage one day, and she became a bit of a mascot. We called her "My Skanky Pony" and decided that she previously lived in a trailer park. I took a picture of her standing on a windowsill at the office, and decided to use her in any screen shot I could in every chapter I wrote for this particular product. (I also included the word "pants" in every shot that contained text, but that's another matter entirely.)

Maybe I should have prefaced this tale by saying that it was the last thing I worked on before I buggered off to the UK, so the very small and polite rebel in me decided that this was a really funny thing to do. Apparently my team leader was flipping through the manual when it was done and said, "Oh, it's that pony again!" and wasn't entirely amused. It's the only "Easter Egg" (of sorts) I've done, and it still cracks me up.

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