Wednesday 16 July 2003

the only time you want to see builder's crack in your house

In an attempt to rid our house of evil Artex, we've decided to hire someone to do the deed for us. There are some jobs that are worth paying someone else to do, and this is one of them. So here I am, thinking that I'm being very clever by asking five different builders for estimates. Five estimates should be plenty; then we can pick whoever we want to do the job. Two of these builders haven't even bothered to show up for the estimate. One guy stood me up not once, but twice (I feel so used) and another has rescheduled for tomorrow after phoning me to say he was so busy, he forgot to show up yesterday. Am so not amused.

We also had someone in for an estimate to replace the windows. Normally, double glazing (as they're called here) salesmen are pushy hard sellers who won't leave until you sign something. The guy we had reminded me a lot of Jack Lemmon's character in Glengarry Glen Ross. He had an air of despair about him, a melancholic weirdness that almost said to us "Go ahead and get our windows. See if I care. But actually, I do care because I've got to pay my stinkin' bills and it's been 8 hours since I've had a drink and oh god I am so tired; why didn't I retire 10 years ago?" They were very nice windows, though.

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