Monday 28 July 2003

death by diy

Who knew that painting could cripple you? You see people like Bob Ross calmly putting brush to canvas, and you think to yourself, gosh - how serene. Meanwhile, I spent the weekend painting and now I cannot bend my fingers and my shoulders, neck, and back are very unhappy indeed. So Bob may not have been painting entire rooms and he's...well, for lack of a better word...dead, but you think that brushing paint onto a surface wouldn't be so harmful to your health. Ha. Have you ever had a small splatter of paint land right on your contact lens? I have, and it's really, really unpleasant. On the plus side, the main bathroom and one of the spare rooms looks fab-u-lous.

Our appliances arrived this morning! At 7.30 this morning, our shiny new fridge, oven and hob (elements) showed up. Unfortunately, the delivery men broke the foot off the bottom of the fridge, so it's being propped up by a piece of wood until they send us a new one. Very fetching. Still, the appliances look lovely and it'll be nice when we can use them. Oh yes, forgot to mention that now we have to wait for someone to come and hook up the gas to the hob, which will probably take another week by the looks of it. Keep those microwave/toaster recipes coming!

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