Friday 29 November 2002

break time

I've just realised that whenever I do non-work related stuff on my PC, I like to settle down with a cup of tea before I start. It's the same kind of subconcious ritual I used to have when I smoked; I'd always light a cig beforehand. Bizarre. Incidentally, of all the things I've changed or done something about in my life, quitting smoking was the toughest and is the one thing I am most proud about. Losing weight was no small feat either, but I never really got rid of all my bad habits. I don't really watch what I eat, I don't go to the gym anymore, and I truly can't be arsed to put all the effort into it. For some reason, I never had this problem with quitting smoking. I had my last cig on March 31/00 (my 31st. birthday), and that was it. I've never had another cig or even a drag off a cig since. Not that I haven't wanted one - there are some days when I would sell my own mother for a cig - I just never caved in. For someone who had around 12-15 cigs a day for 16 years (never tried to quit before either), that's pretty darn good, if you ask me. Mostly I'm just pleased that every cold doesn't turn into bronchitis now and that I can take a transatlanic flight without feeling the need to slap everyone on the plane because of nicotine withdrawal after 8 hours.

Changing the subject before I turn into one of those boring ex-smokers, this weekend we will be entertaining Paul's parents. They'll get to see all the fabulous DIY we've done and new stuff that Paul's done/had done since their last visit over a year ago. Apparently his Mum always cleans when she visits, so I bet that lunch meat is gonna end up in cling film and the fridge will get a good wipe down.

Holy guacamole, I just looked out the window. The zombies are back! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!

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