Monday 25 November 2002

love is...

...when my boyfriend, knowing full well that I have a fireman fetish, honks at the local fire brigade as we drive by (who are picketing at the moment) and says "That was for your benefit!" Ah, the gift of a dozen firemen waving at me. I couldn't ask for more, really.

We had another weekend of DIY and another weekend of vowing never to do any DIY ever again. Paul and I painted his kitchen (it's really gorgeous now), and then Paul tackled the bathroom lighting and drilled things into the walls. After searching through dozens of vinyl flooring samples (and good god, there are a lot of ugly ones out there - what are you people doing to your poor defenseless floors, for goodness sake?), Paul found one that was quite nice. Now all that's left is the flooring on the ground level, Paul's bedroom, and various carpeting issues. Did we say no DIY ever again? We'll say it again when we embark upon it after we've forgotten how much of a hassle this round was.

They make it look so bloody easy on the UK Style channel. I can't believe that television has led me astray.

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