Tuesday 5 November 2002

Potter news

A friend of mine just sent me a blurb about the latest Harry Potter book, containing revelations from JK Rowling herself. In response, I sent him this message.

Other revelations in Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix:

  • Hermione's tangled hairdo? A home perm gone really wrong. Uses the "I'm a witch and shouldn't have neat hair" excuse to not do anything about it.

  • That is a wand in Harry's pocket AND he is glad to see you.

  • Chocolate Frogs make excellent laxatives.

  • Not only does the sorting hat yell out which house you should belong to, it now also tells everyone your sexual preference.

  • Neville's clumsiness is a result of several years of crack abuse.

  • Hagrid is just "big boned".

  • Post owls are really budgies in big fluffy bird suits. Real owls kept clawing the children's eyes out.

  • There is no spell in the world that will rid us of Celine Dion. None. We're all doomed.

Anyone heard any other rumours about this book?

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