Friday 8 November 2002

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A very welcome end to a very long week. At least being busy at work keeps me off the streets and out of trouble. Tip du jour: Underworld's latest CD "Hundred Days Off" is the best thing to blast in your headphones when you're writing under deadline. Bring in da funk.

We're both off on Monday, making for a lovely long weekend in exotic Northampton. We were supposed to go to Dublin, but things fell through (we were supposed to go for Paul's friend Russell's birthday, but he had to cancel because he's moving house). No, I'm not bitter. Heartbroken...saddened...wanting to give Russ a wedgie...maybe just a little. I have been promised a future visit to Dublin (home of Molly Bloom, doncha know), so all is not lost. In the meantime, I'm sitting here sipping a nice glass of wine after having indulged in a thoroughly greasy and absolutely heavenly fish and chip dinner. You know it's good when the paper it's wrapped in turns translucent.

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, hope you have a fantabulous weekend. Unless you live in Halifax in which case, you're buried under snow, can't leave the house, and have bugger all to do until the next thaw.

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